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The Rosini Gutman Collection was born in 1999 from the spiritual and affective encounter between Gianfranco Rosini and Delilah Gutman, who in 2001 joined in marriage. Among the most important collections are those dedicated to Amedeo Modigliani, Andy Warhol, Steve Kaufman and the collection “From Futurism to Street Art”.

The Castle of the Agulants was built in the 13th century by the Florentine family of Agolanti in exile, the structure has proved to be an important bulwark for the defense of the territory; over the centuries the castle remained the property of the noble family, which cultivated relations with the most important and influential families of Europe.

Chiesa Mater Admirabilis:  In the last decades of 1800 the fame of Riccione as a seaside resort began to spread. The small fishermen’s house offered hospitality to some families during the summer, and someone braver had bought land to build a house.